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Hold the Phone: Van Dijk Inspired by Texts From King Kenny

Apparently the King sometimes sends inspirational messages to some of the first teamers.

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Manchester City v Liverpool FC - Premier League
“So I said, ‘Hey, I just met you/and this is crazy/but here’s my number/so call me, Kenny!’ But the craziest part was it worked, lads!” - Virgil Van Dijk, Carly Rae Jepsen stan.
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

To call Liverpool Football Club’s storied collection of former players “historic” seems to somehow fail to capture just how vaunted the Hall of Anfield Heroes actually is. Names like Rush, Beardsley, Gerrard, Hunt, Hughes, and Barnes roll off the tongue and immediately light a signal inside the brain of nearly all LFC fans. Even without first names, we know which player is being referred to. They are part of Liverpool’s legacy, legends etched into lore.

And standing atop that mountain, arguably Liverpool’s most iconic player is one Sir Kenny Dalglish. The great Scotsman’s greatness is often sung in songs still making the rounds at Anfield and his career always conjures up images of him flying up and down the pitch with his famous blonde mop of hair swinging in the breeze, in his red number 7 shirt. Kenny, in the minds of Liverpool fans, is in a rarefied air.

As it turns out, that sense of awe and respect exists among the current set of players as well. Recently, Virgil Van Dijk - world class footballer in his own respect and arguably the best center back in the Premier League - recounted a story to the official site. The key bit? He receives inspirational text messages from none other than King Kenny, himself.

As Van Dijk notes, Dalglish reached out and offered his number immediately. This bit lines up quite well with a figure so often touted as a leader and mentor. Dalglish turning from leader on the pitch to manager and now mentor only seems natural. And with the wealth of knowledge and experience, it’s clear the big Dutchman is grateful for the free lessons.

“Kenny Dalglish gave me his mobile number in the very beginning and told me to ring him at any time. It is unbelievable when he sometimes sends me messages before games. That is what Liverpool is about.”

This is a heartwarming entry to the category of player anecdotes. It is one that particularly helps to prove that Liverpool Football Club - especially this current iteration under Jurgen Klopp - feels less like a a mass of desperate parts and more like family.

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