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Rumor Mongering: Liverpool Not Interested In Philippe Coutinho

No shit.

Levante v FC Barcelona - Copa del Rey Round of 16 Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

A little over a year ago, Barcelona finally ponied up the required dough in order to secure Philippe Coutinho’s transfer from Liverpool. The player was apparently so eager, he even coughed up some of his own money in order to make it all happen.

It is perhaps hard to remember now, but there were serious questions from a wide swath of the Liverpool fanbase and associated media about Jurgen Klopp’s decision to let him go entering the Champions League knockouts and while fighting for a Top 4 finish. (Though, not from yours truly).

A year, Champions League final, and table-topping start to the season later, there are few remaining questions about that decision.

However, with Coutinho apparently struggling at Barcelona, and rumors about his departure swirling, some fans have wondered whether Kloppo would be interested in taking him back.

According to the rumor mongers, Liverpool is not interested in giving Barcelona (or the player) any of their money back. The story allegedly came from The Telegraph, but for the life of me I can’t find the story. Rather, I can only find stories from The Mirror, The Daily Mail, et al. referring to the story from The Telegraph.

Whether this is actually a public stance or not is somewhat immaterial. Coutinho not only forced his way out of the club, but did so by publicly dragging the club and manager through the mud. There was also the faked back injury, missing the vital Champions League qualifying round, calling team meetings to help them force his move away, the transfer request on the eve of the opening match of the season, and the Nike fiasco.

And now he’s also being linked to Manchester United and Chelsea.

So, from Liverpool’s perch atop of the Premier League—a position achieved either directly or indirectly because of his departure—there seems to be little reason to want him back.

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