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Rumor Mongering: Liverpool In for Red Bull Salzburg Striker

Reports out of Austra indicate Liverpool are interested in Israeli international and RB Salzburg striker, Moanes Dabour.

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Wales v Israel - UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifier Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

January for Liverpool in recent seasons has been a bit manic for Liverpool fans. Whether it be losing Philippe Coutinho and finalizing the long sought after transfer of Virgil Van Dijk last year, waiting on baited breath on if FSG would be able to rebuff the ridiculous attempts on Luis Suarez emanating from the Emirates, or even the soul crushing departure of Fernando Torres, the winter transfer window has proven itself to be a bit busy.

This year, though, there was always the expectation that Liverpool would have a quiet window. No key players agitating for moves away and no real targets on the horizon that seem to interest Liverpool makes it highly likely that Liverpool would indeed see the window through without a major deal coming through.

Context, though, is nothing but an inconvenience for your determined and skilled rumor monger and so it is with that sense of industrious pluck and creative vision that they have drawn up a rumor so strange and unlikely. The subject of the reports are 26-year old Red Bull Salzburg striker Moanes Daboul. Daboul, a member of Israel’s National Team, has certainly earned some interest from elsewhere, but it is curious that his name has been linked to Liverpool at all. The report linked to him contains no attribution from Liverpool sources.

And yet, it not only goes on to presume this deal is more than rumor, but suggests that the player is in fact being monitored by the club with Daboul only waiting on a phone call from Liverpool to make a deal happen.

Color us skeptical, though.

Not only is there a lack of corroboration of such news from your typical Liverpool news sources among the various UK soccer journalists, but Daboul just doesn’t seem like the type of player Liverpool are really looking at. As it stands, both his age and position indicate that he isn’t a priority.

Still, Liverpool have surprised us before. Not many people were ready to accept that Liverpool were truly in for Alexander Oxlade-Chamberlain and yet, that turned out to be true. Ditto Xherdan Shaqiri. Fabinho’s signing came out of the blue.

I guess the lesson here is you never know. We do believe that it’s safe to speculate, though, that Liverpool aren’t looking at Daboul or any major signing during this window.

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