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Klopp Talk: It Needs To Happen So It Doesn’t Happen Again

Jurgen Klopp is handling Alisson’s mistake about as well as he can

Leicester City v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

By now you’ve seen Alisson’s mistake in the second half of the match against Leicester that lead to the first goal Liverpool has conceded all season. It was a mistimed error in an otherwise stellar performance from the Brazilian No. 1. Of course, the pundit class is taking him to the cleaners. But, Jurgen Klopp offered a different reaction to the situation after the game.

“I said to him it’s the best game to do it in because we still won. We learn from it. I told the boys we shouldn’t use him in the wrong moments - he is not a solution for us, he is an option.” Klopp said. “It was a mistake from Alisson, no goalkeeper should dribble in this situation. His reaction to it was good. We still used him in better situations after. The crowd wanted to make him nervous after, but he wasn’t nervous. It needs to happen so it doesn’t happen again.”

Besides the error, Alisson had a very good match. Liverpool’s boss is right to suggest that he needed to make a mistake like this in order to make sure it doesn’t happen again. After the mistake, Alisson was sound. I wouldn’t expect another one like that for some time.

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