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Tottenham 1, Liverpool 2: Never in Doubt

15 points out of 15 is pretty good, and the Reds are far from their best

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Tottenham 1 - 2 Liverpool

Tottenham: Lamela 90+2’
Liverpool: Wijnaldum 39’, Firmino 54’

It’s all becoming a bit routine, isn’t it? Liverpool start strong. Liverpool waste chances. Liverpool score. Liverpool dominate. Liverpool waste score again. Liverpool waste more chances. Liverpool take all three points. Liverpool weren’t at their best, but they do enough to win.

Comfort is a weird thing when it comes to Liverpool. We’re not used to it, but we’re going to have to get used to it sooner or later. The last few minutes aside, the Reds were never in doubt. It’s almost like we knew from the kickoff exactly how this game was going to go. Everyone knew how it was going to go, but most importantly, Tottenham knew how the game was going to go. Before a ball was kicked they knew they were beaten.

Within the first 45 seconds Liverpool had put the ball in the back of the net. The goal doesn’t count because Sadio Mane is inches offside. But it was still a really important moment in the match. Tottenham have to pull the ball out of the back of the net before half the stadium finds their seat. Tottenham have to think to themselves, “Christ, the Reds are good.” The scoreboard still says nil-nil, but Tottenham’s worst fears are being realized: Liverpool are really, really good.

15 minutes are on the clock are Liverpool could be up 2-0, but they’re not. I get the feeling we’re going to see that first half a dozen more times this year, especially away from home. Liverpool start strong, waste chances, then the opponent finds the game a bit, but everyone knows what we already knew: Liverpool are really, really good. Gini Wijnaldum’s goal comes after a spell of stabilized pressure in the 39th minute. It’s a weird goal, but it’s a great header capitalizing on Spurs’ inability to clear James Milner’s corner kick. Gini’s first away goal in the Premier League. Liverpool weren’t at their best, but they still found a way to enter the halftime break up 1-0. Sure, the Reds could’ve been up by 3 or 4 goals, but the lead is all that matters.

The start of the second half was very strong, and Liverpool find their crucial second goal in the 54th minute. The build up to the goal starts on the left side when Andy Robertson picks up the ball and finds Sadio Mané with a beautiful scoop pass. Mané then puts in a low shot or a cross that Tottenham’s keeper can’t handle, and before you know it Roberto Firmino is kicking the ball as hard as humanly possible into the net from less than a yard out. Aside from the stoppage time goal from Erik Lamela, the result was never in doubt. After the goal, Liverpool killed the game with stout defense and possession. Henderson came on and was everywhere. At one point when Eric Dier was down injured, Wijnaldum asks if he can have a drink of water which was hilarious, because he had been taking everything off Tottenham all day without asking.

The final whistle blows and the game is over, Liverpool win 2-1 over Tottenham. It’s a flattering scoreline for the Reds’ opponent, but I imagine it’s also a bit of a soul crushing result as well. If Liverpool lose this season, it’s going to be when they aren’t at their best. A team is going to have to take advantage of the Reds. Today, Liverpool were not at their best. But here’s the thing, Liverpool are really, really good. That’s still true when they don’t meet their own standards and still absolutely batter a team that’s likely to finish in the top 4.

Liverpool not at their best still managed to do this.

Can you imagine what’ll be like when Liverpool are at their best? I can. I hope you can too. We patiently await for that while the Reds are Perfect. 15 points from 15 available. What a time to be alive.

Up the Really, Really Good Reds.

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