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Wijnaldum: Victory Over Napoli A Great End to “Tough” Week

Liverpool Midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum talked about the big win over Napoli and hinted at an intense training camp.

Liverpool v S.S.C Napoli - Pre Season Friendly Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

As it stands we are now in the final stretch before we get to see our beloved Reds open the 2018-2019 Premier League campaign by hosting West Ham at Anfield. The pre-season has but one last tilt against Torino left to its name and so now makes a natural time for the lads to begin to reflect on the impending season.

Following their evisceration of Napoli, Georginio Wijnaldum found himself in a spot to reflect on a summer nearly past and to look forward to what’s next. Starting with the matchup with Napoli, Gini had nothing but superlatives on a comprehensive performance.

“It was a good workout against a good team. I think everything we did went well. Everything worked except for the last 10 minutes of the first half when the gaps in the midfield were way too big, so every time they had the ball they played it in between the gaps. It was difficult, it was hard because we had to run a lot, but I think if you look at it overall we played a good game.”

When asked about the team’s training camp in France, which directly preceded the team trip to Dublin, Gini revealed that it was, unsurprisingly, tough work. A squad built around gegenpressing and heavy metal football, would necessarily have an intense pre-season regimen.

“I feel fresh but it was a hard week. We trained a lot of the time and it was much tougher than it was in America. I think we did well. Everyone was fit during the trip and out of the trip and all was good.”

That last bit of the report is probably the most important: all players made it through the intense workout in good health, putting the squad at as good a position entering the campaign as possible.

And with that, we’re inside of the final week before the first match. Almost at the end. Almost to more Liverpool Football Club matches. Almost to the best part of the year.

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