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Sergio Ramos Pats Mohamed Salah On The Same Shoulder He Dislocated At UEFA Ceremony

This guy really is unbelievable.

Real Madrid v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Many Liverpool fans were secretly hoping to be grouped with Real Madrid in yesterday’s Champions League’s draw. Of course, it would primarily have been for all the normal reasons of wanting those special nights at Anfield against the biggest sides, along with more the “spirited” motivation of avenging last season’s final loss. However, there are certainly one or two among the Anfield faithful itching at a chance to face pantomime villain, Sergio Ramos.

The Madrid captain has been engaged in a war of words with prominent Liverpool stars since the final in Kiev, including even the normally all-loving Jürgen Klopp, after he knocked both Loris Karius—metaphorically at least—and 44-goal striker Mohamed Salah out of the game with his patented dirty challenges.

With the notoriously bellicose defender haven predictably shown no remorse for his actions to date, there doesn’t appear to be anything approaching a reconciliation on the horizon, particularly between Ramos and Salah, with the Egyptian’s World Cup campaign significantly hampered by the injury.

Salah and Ramos again encountered each other last night at the UEFA Awards Ceremony, where the Liverpool star was up for the Player of the Season award and the Spaniard, for the Best Defender gong. Predictably, some trouble-making event organizer decided to seat the two near each other, clearly with the hopes boosting ratings for an event no one had even heard about.

Anyway, on his way back to his seat after accepting his award, the unrepentant Madrista gave the cameras the moment they were looking for, mustering up the audacity to pat Salah on the same shoulder he dislocated with his MMA move before sitting down.

Salah stared into the distance, incredulous, as are we all, at the tone-deafness of a gesture that was at once both awkward and patronizing.

At some point, Ramos has to just be trolling us all right? Either way, we’ll see you in the Champions League knockout stages big guy.

Also, for those who need reminding, here is Sergio getting dribbled like a ball.

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