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Mohamed Salah Injury Update (Part 500)

Nothing to see here, everything is literally fine with Salah, I guess. Especially those legs.

It must be the offseason when news is scarce enough that we’re posting social media injury updates but here we are!

It probably isn’t understating to say that the whole world is watching Mohamed Salah’s recovery following the injury that took him out of the Champions League final. Originally reported as a dislocation of his shoulder (thanks NO THANKS Sergio Ramos), it’s been downgraded to some ligament injury and the recovery should be no more than three weeks.

Merciful news for a country whose entire World Cup hopes and dreams are riding on the very same shoulders that had just been injured. He may still miss a couple games of the group stages as he returns to training and fitness, but should be okay to participate in the rest of the tournament, should Egypt make it out alive.

Sunday, Salah posted a photo on Twitter of his rehab as a means of encouraging us nervous watchers, because he really does care about us as fans.

It’s pretty clear he’s working on that injured shoulder with that resistance band, from the comfort of a home with a great view of... somewhere with pine trees. Is he still in Liverpool? I’m glad the band matches the color of the ball, too. I’m just glad that he seems okay with working on this and not hiding somewhere going through a downward spiral of regret and depression.

(Has anyone checked on Karius recently?)

Also those shorts. Keep those.

Salah also took to the Twitter following the Champions League final to make it very clear where his priorities then were - eyes fully on the World Cup experience. Just in case you wanted a reminder.

Really the tweet on Sunday was just a reiteration of that assertion, a check in that we probably all needed. I, for one, am very comforted and can’t wait to see him take the pitch for his home country in a few weeks time.

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