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Liverpool Reportedly Shut Down Nabil Fekir Medical Claims

Wooooooow, really?

Atalanta v Olympique Lyon - UEFA Europa League Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

You can all close that flight tracking app, people, at least for one more day - especially if questionable sources such as, uh, Liverpool Football Club are to be believed. According to Ed Aarons, Guardian Sports’ deputy news editor, the club have indicated that reports about the French international’s medical today are wide of the mark.

The price of €70m quoted in Aarons’ tweet is consistent with what’s been bandied about in various channels. The initial rumors about Fekir flying in for a medical originated in France, and there have not been any corroborating noises from the sources typically identified as being close to the club, so Aarons’ missive is perhaps not surprising. On the other hand, the club did a pretty good job of keeping the Fabinho comprehensively under wraps.

Those looking to reconcile Aaron’s tweet with yesterday’s news could argue that the medical was always contingent on the progress of talks in Liverpool today, so of course it hasn’t been scheduled. Seems like a bit of a stretch, so we’re back to waiting for official word from the club.

As has been stated before, we are very much in a post-Van-Dijk-Fiasco world where Liverpool supporters will receive concrete-ish news only when the club deems it appropriate. It’s at once slightly exhilarating and also a touch frustrating. Typical Liverpool?

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