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Leaked Screenshots Show That Nabil Fekir To Liverpool Deal Was Virtually Sealed

Leaks of visuals for the Lyon star’s first interview as a Liverpool player were nearly identical to Naby Keita’s own introductory video.

Atalanta v Olympique Lyon - UEFA Europa League Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

We all knew that the Liverpool move for Nabil Fekir was close; however, as more and more details about the aborted deal come to light, it is shocking to realize just how close it was. Hands had been shaken, cameras had flashed and awkward interviews had been completed.

There’s no need to revisit the trauma by telling the story of the collapsed transfer for the umpteenth time—although admittedly that is the entire sadistic purpose of this article—so we will simply let you peruse the summary yourself.

While early video footage of the Naby Keita-shaped retail therapy released by the club ahead of the Guinean dynamo’s formal July 2 arrival has gotten Liverpool supporters bouncing back from the disappointment, an eagle-eyed Redditor noticed something funny about the introductory footage:

Is it fake? Who knows. There are some incredibly skillful forgers on Reddit. However, were it real, the identical visuals would appear to be encouraging proof of one of two things:

1. Contrary to Lyon president, Jean-Michel Aulas’ loud insistences, Liverpool have truly been holding the cards all along. To pull the plug at such a late stage in the game can only conceivably have come from the buy side, implying that either something was well and truly wrong with that knee or…

2. …That the move maybe, possibly, potentially could still be on, except presumably at a much lower price than the agreed upon £53m, especially given that the player (and the French national team in general) haven’t quite set the World Cup alight to spark a bidding war as Aulas would’ve hoped.

Either way, it is validating to see just how far along things were before it all fell apart/went on pause. The smart money would say that this saga isn’t quite over yet folks.

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