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Purple Is The New Orange: Liverpool Release 18/19 Away Kit

Liverpool released their away kits for next season, and the leaks were right, as per usual.

For the third season on the trot, New Balance has released an unorthodox choice for one of Liverpool’s three kits, this year going with the never-before-used purple as the predominant color. It’s not bad, actually.

Back in 2016/17, Liverpool went with the neon yellow “Toxic Thunder,” and last year bright orange was the stand-out third strip when compared to the otherwise ordinary red and white home and away kits.

The away kit for the upcoming season—purple, with dark purple shoulders, and with orange accents—has been circulating the interwebs for months now after conceptual art leaked. And in the past several days the leaks have turned into a flood, with every shop employee with a cell phone tweeting out photos of the latest Liverpool kits.

Although purple has never been the predominant color of a Liverpool kit, the 2013/14 third kit included purple highlights, including one purple mismatched sock. Weird times. This rendition is miles better.

The accompanying goalkeeper kit is bright neon green. Though it is an open question as to who will be donning said kit.

If the leaks about the third kit are to be believed, and honestly, there’s no reason to doubt them at this point, they will be white with grey and red accents. Initially it was assumed that the purple kit would be the third one, as has been the tradition with new color choices in recent years, but New Balance decided to switch things up. Not that these distinctions really matter.

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