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The View From The Other Side: A Chat With A Chelsea Supporter

We chatted with one of our SB Nation neighbors to get his view ahead of Sunday’s all important Premier League clash

Chelsea v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

This week I had the opportunity to chat to one of the writers from our rivals over at We Ain’t Got No History (WAGNH) and it was a surprisingly awesome exchange, considering the fact that he is a Chelsea supporter. Joshua Sutter has supported the outgoing Premier League Champions since 2014 when the World Cup piqued his interest in football outside of the United States with Chelsea being the first team he encountered while watching NBC. Apparently, John Terry called his name (this might not have been something I would have necessarily shared but Josh felt comfortable!) and the rest, is history. Checkout our chat below.

The Liverpool Offside: Are you hopeful about the FA Cup Final?

We Ain’t Got No History: I’m hopeful that Antonio Conte has a sliver of a shot if the FA Cup final goes Chelsea’s way. Although we aren’t Arsenal so the FA Cup can’t save our manager.

TLO: What formation would you pick for Sunday?

WAGNH: The usual three at the back with three up top. Don’t break it because it occasionally works well.

TLO: Who starts between Giroud or Morata?

WAGNH: Morata.

TLO: Which player has frustrated you this season?

WAGNH: Eden Hazard.
His inconsistency is infuriating because everyone has seen the peak of his abilities. When he’s at his best, Chelsea are incredibly hard to beat and he’s among the best in the world.

TLO: Which of the players (if anyone) has outperformed?

WAGNH: Andreas Christensen.
My expectations for him coming into the year were incredibly small, but to his credit he’s performed incredibly well throughout the year.

TLO: What changes would you make next season?

WAGNH: Another midfielder alongside N’golo Kante. Cesc Fabregas is aging and horrible defensively, Tiémoué Bakayoko has to continue to grow, as well as Danny Drinkwater.

TLO: Who will be Chelsea’s danger man this Sunday?

WAGNH: Hazard if he decides to show up and be that attacking phenom that terrifies teams.

TLO: Which one of Liverpool’s player/s do you fear most?
And, which Liverpool player (other than Mohamed Salah) would you want as a Chelsea player?

WAGNH: Sadio Mané.
I’m fascinated with his playing style and find him terrifying to play against. I would love to have him in Blue.

TLO: What, in your opinion, has gone wrong with Chelsea this season? And what are your hopes for next season in terms of management and squad improvements?

WAGNH: I really couldn’t put my finger on one thing that’s wrong with Chelsea this year, but what I can say is I don’t think its Antonio Conte’s fault purely. So I would like to see him back, although that’s unlikely. In terms of squad improvements the midfield is really where I’d like to see changes. The attack with Morata and Hazard has suffered from inconsistency, but I love that duo moving forward.

I’d like to say Thank You to Josh and the folk over at WAGNH for approaching us to do an interview. Josh recorded a short podcast for his YouTube channel, where he asked me a few questions too, which you can checkout below.

Up the Reds!

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