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Loris Karius Apologizes For Final Mistakes

While he faces vitriol from some supporters, Karius shows he needs support.

Real Madrid v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

It’s been over 24 hours since Liverpool lost the Champions League Final to Real Madrid. I know, typing that so often today, or something similar, hurts every time. It hurts for the club, it hurts for supporters, and it must hurt extra for the players who played. It certainly does for goalkeeper Loris Karius, who maybe, accidentally, contributed more to the loss than anyone else. It was his two freak mistakes that led to two of the three goals scored by Madrid on Saturday and that isn’t any knowledge that is great to have for him.

You don’t need to tell him. He knows. Stop commenting on his Instagram, stop tweeting at him.

Karius took to Instagram on Sunday following the match, that heart stealing defeat, to apologize a second time. Of course, the first time happened immediately following the match, when he went over to the supporters section with tears in his eyes and on his face, and apologized.

It needs to be reminded that Karius is only 24 and was instrumental in getting Liverpool even within a shout of the final. Yes, a keeper’s job is made infinitely easier by a solid defense in front of him and a decent book could be written about the defensive revolution Liverpool have gone through this season. He’s still so young and has so much to learn. This was his first major final. The squad as a whole’s first major final. To malign him completely is the antithesis of what we as Liverpool fans stand for. The very opposite of what the club stands for.

Does that mean I think we shouldn’t buy another ‘keeper over the summer? With the all but certain conclusion that Simon Mignolet is going to leave this summer, I’d say that’s pretty foolish. To replace Karius at a time when he needs the most support? That’s the very definition of foolish. We don’t throw away players like him. Not when they need us the most.

He will work to become better, to spite all the naysayers. He did it when Mignolet was our number one. Slightly more than half a season does not a career make. I know it hurts and we want a scapegoat and he’s probably the best one but he definitely doesn’t deserve to be thrown out.

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