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Liverpool CEO: Club Is “Working Exhaustively” To Get Fans To Champions League Final

The Liverpool chief executive admits however that some issues are “beyond his control.”

Even the most optimistic Liverpool fan wouldn’t have been making arrangements to be in Kiev for the Champions League final at the start of the season. Now, with the climatic match of Europe’s grandest competition days away, Red fans have encountered the reality that the 1,700mi (2,700km) trek to the Ukrainian capital is more than a matter of booking a flight.

As a club, Liverpool has been provided with 16,626 tickets to distribute for the big day as the Merseysiders take on holders Real Madrid for a chance at a sixth European title—although only 63% can be allocated to general supporters. Red fans number exponentially higher than this, as we all know, with the unmet ticket demand combining with astronomical airline prices and overbooked lodgings to make the journey more of a gauntlet.

Liverpool CEO, Peter Moore has acknowledged the issues of getting fans to the game and has committed the club to do all it can to get as many Reds in seats as possible:

“As a club, we are acutely aware of the issues that our supporters are facing in terms of obtaining tickets, arranging travel, and organizing accommodation for the forthcoming Champions League Final in Kiev,” Moore told the Liverpool Echo.

“It is for that reason that we have worked exhaustively to try to alleviate some of these difficulties, whether that be by collaborating with partners, liaising with the relevant authorities in Kiev or by asking our own staff to go the extra mile—something that they have done willingly and without hesitation.”

“Some of the issues are, unfortunately, beyond our control,” the chief executive admitted. “Logistically, the challenges of this event are there for all to see and whichever clubs reached the final would have faced the same problems.

“As it is, we are doing our level best in exacting circumstances to make the best of the situation on behalf of supporters.

“Nevertheless, we will always strive to do better for our supporters and will always listen to their concerns.

“If there is one thing that this Champions League campaign has underlined it is that anything is possible when there is unity between players, club and fans and that remains a fundamental objective for everyone at Liverpool FC.”

It may not be Anfield, but the presence of Liverpool supporters will surely be felt on the 26th. Let’s all hope that when ‘Allez Allez Allez’ rings around the grounds, that every Red supporter with the capacity to make it will be there to raise their voice.

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