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Liverpool 4, Brighton 0: First Thoughts

Big surprise, but Kevin Friend is not our friend. BUT WHO CARES BECAUSE WE’RE STILL IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!!

Liverpool v Brighton and Hove Albion - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Liverpool 4 Salah 26’, Lovren 40’, Solanke 53’, Robertson 85’
Brighton 0

  • Pre-Match Thought: I don’t want to say that lineup is weird but... It’s cool, we’re cool, we only need this one point to ensure Champions League football next year - barring a win in the final - and all the work is worth it. This season has been full of it’s twists and turns and it’s wild to think it’s almost over. Thankfully Brighton have already secured Premier League football next year so there’s not life or death on the line.
  • Here we go! Liverpool are pushed to a corner early on, just to make sure we’re all alive. Nothing comes of it, naturally, but you know.
  • HEY LOOK. Those new kits are pretty snazzy - especially if you’ve got time to maintain a footballer’s body, and look like a schoolboy at the same time. (Or don’t have boobs).
  • There’s been a couple chances in these first few minutes, with Jordan Henderson sending a rocket just barely over the bar and Dominic Solanke falling over in the box.
  • Two handball shouts in two minutes. If I were a Brighton player, I’d probably say “ouch, my hand,” right about now. Kevin Friend not doing a whole lot to better the perception of English refs in the world today.
  • Cool, anyone else would’ve gotten that penalty call but because it’s us and because it’s Mo, we’re denied just over fifteen minutes. Absolutely ATROCIOUS refereeing so far.
  • GOAL! PERFECTLY, FROM MOHAMED SALAH TO BREAK THE RECORD! Mo has officially scored the most goals in a 38 game Premier League season and put Liverpool on top, finally, in the 26th minute.
  • ALMOST! Sadio Mane was clear on goal but the Brighton ‘keeper came out just in time to intercept, and Salah almost had the rebound. Too many touches, not enough clinical decision-making.
  • Wow. Mane completely off around 35 minutes, wasting a backheel pass to sky it worse than Hendo did earlier.
  • It’s absurd we don’t have like four now, with at least two of them for penalties, but there’s still a whole other half to play. Too bad we can’t get another ref in for that.
  • If it’s been said before, it’s been said a million times but man. Roberto Firmino is pretty good, guys.
  • GOAL! DEJAN LOVREN REENACTING HIS DORTMUND STUNNER after receiving a gift of an assist from Andy Robertson!
  • It’s nice to see Liverpool leading despite every official attempt to keep us from it.
  • Halftime: Can we just call it now? Keep all these results and finish the season with Chelsea and Tottenham losing? Because I’d quite like that. If everything holds, Liverpool are guaranteed a top four spot!
  • We’re back! No changes at the half, because we’ve gotten through pretty much unscathed.
  • It’s pretty wild what a week of rest and training could do. Imagine what we’re gonna do with TWO WEEKS OF REST AND TRAINING.
  • Leave it to Liverpool to really pull it out on the last day of everything. I guess all that talk of this being “the first final” of the next couple weeks really worked.
  • Things are getting really exciting but let’s be real, the most exciting thing is that we’re still winning this thing so far. There’s been a couple clear chances missed but WHO CARES WE’RE STILL IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. FOR NOW.
  • Meanwhile, Harry Kane is still crying into last year’s Golden Boot before giving it to Salah later.
  • HEY LOOK A WILD ADAM LALLANA PUTTING HIS SHIRT ON AND GETTING READY TO COME OUT. Man did I miss that face and those feet. He comes on for Sadio Mane at the 73rd minute!
  • It’s the end of the season so I’m gonna say it. I want a Hendo goal. I want it here and I want it bad. I know he doesn’t care but I want it and we share a name. That has to count for something.
  • Second and third substitutions sees Bobby Firmino come off for Danny Ings and Ben Woodburn! That’s it for our Egyptian King and Best Brazilian, until the Champions League final.
  • GOAL!!! ANDY ROBERTSON GETS HIS FIRST AND NEVER AT A BETTER TIME!!! Next best thing to a Hendo goal as far as I’m concerned.

We’ll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today’s game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven’t already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we’ll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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