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Liverpool Hit by Sadio Mané Injury News

Liverpool’s hope to clinch a Top 4 spot just took a slight blow.

Chelsea v Liverpool - Premier League
Sadio was not pleased to lead the team stretch. Especial
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

The thing about unexpected news is that it’s, well, unexpected. So, you’re sometimes just hanging out, at a BBQ, or on Twitter, when you’re beset by news that your apartment has been flooded. Late on Friday, Liverpool twitter was at their proverbial BBQ when James Pearce decided to wreck things with news that Sadio Mane may not make it onto the pitch for Liverpool Football Club’s first final against Brighton & Hove Albion.

And just like that, someone decided to drop raisins in the potato salad and overcook the carne asada. Calm BBQ over. Commence panic.

According to Jurgen Klopp, this injury is one that looks to have been picked up during last week’s match against Chelsea and not an aggravation of Mané’s previous injury. When asked about it, the gaffer sounded ominous:

“We will see. It is not the same injury. It’s a fresh problem.”

It would be an understatement to say that this is not a good development. Or, as Klopp might say, that this is not too cool. But especially in light of the strong run of results before Liverpool’s late-season slouch towards the season, this is a bit calamitous. It looked that Mané had adjusted quite well to a new role in the absence of Coutinho, finding new ways to contribute while also still chipping in with goals.

More, he clearly seemed to be liking his football as can be seen by the loads of smiles and the goofy gifs of him copying Roberto Firmino’s goal celebrations. Things, for all intents and purposes, were going swimmingly.

Sadio or no, the boys have work to do. Get a point and we’re in next year’s CL. That’s the task. Hopefully, Mané will be available come Sunday.

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