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Rumor Mill: Liverpool Linked with Marouane Fellaini. Yes, You Read That Right.

Stop looking at us like that.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Sunday April 8th, in the year of our lord 2018 will live long in the memory, for it is the day that a credible source linked Liverpool with Marouane Fellaini.

No, this isn’t a Moussa Dembélé situation. There isn’t a promising young tricky winger at Gent who goes by the unfortunate name of Marouane Fellaini. This is the same Fellaini who likes to elbow opposition players at Manchester United.

So. L’Equipe, the French newspaper who at least have some credibility, tell us that the Belgian midfielder is available on a free transfer this summer, and that Liverpool are in pole position to sign him. The report also states that Liverpool will face competition for his signature from PSG, Monaco, and (somewhat more realistically) clubs from Turkey and China.

Ok, let’s try and think this one through.

Liverpool are probably losing Emre Can in the summer. Emre Can is a midfielder. Marouane Fellaini is a midfielder. Liverpool have in the past struggled in the air. Marouane Fellaini is good in the air (or so we’re told. I can’t say his heading ability has ever convinced me that much).

Ok, now the good news.

Being based in France, L’Equipe is unlikely to have strong sources at either Liverpool or Manchester United. Nor is it especially likely to have extremely strong contacts with people close to Marouane Fellaini over the Belgian border. The person who might be inclined to talk about Fellaini to L’Equipe is, yep, you guessed it, his agent.

Fellaini is out of contract in the summer and it seems that José Mourinho has finally watched him play football and realised that he isn’t very good at it. As such, the midfielder is looking for work next season, and his agent has been tasked with finding ways to generate interest, reality be damned.

The other piece of good news is that Neil Jones of Goal tweeted this morning that he has been told there is “zero chance” of Liverpool signing everyone’s favourite elbower this summer. Jones is well connected with the club (stemming from his time at the Liverpool Echo), so it is likely he has been told directly by someone at Melwood looking to put this story to bed.

We hope that’s it, at least, and we can consign this transfer rumor to one of the funnier ridiculous stories.

We hope.

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