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Rumor Mongering: Emre Can to Stay at Anfield

If rumor mongering is a flat circle, then this was inevitable.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League
Emre Can: Fan of the lat raise, apparently.
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

What goes around comes around. Time is a flat circle. Transfer rumor ouroboros. However you want to frame it, this rumor is for fans of both circuity and transfers (and, I guess, Venn diagrams cause that’s basically what I’ve described and it involves circles andohmgodwhatshappening).

On the strength of Liverpool’s last few weeks, it appears that Emre Can - currently out rehabbing an injured back - is now reconsidering signing a new contract to stay at Anfield. At least, that’s what some of our rumor mongers would have you believe. Which, makes sense considering this team, with all of its feel-good players, is in the midst of one helluva feel-good moment. And Can has never outwardly expressed any kind of disappointment with his time in Red at all.

Still, there’s nothing super tangible to this rumor beyond a few of the typical gossip rags picking up the news and one Twitter ITK being very, very certain of this:

And, well, as we always note: approach these links with caution. Even with the very real possibility that Can is entirely satisfied with where Liverpool are at and sees his future here, his re-signing with the club coinciding with these stories would really only amount to broken clocks being right twice a day. Put it differently: throw enough rumor garbage against the wall, something’s bound to stick.

The heartening news related to Can is that he’s targeting being fit for the Champions League Final should Liverpool book their ticket to the big dance. Which, given the current situation of me potentially having to volunteer as tribute to play in midfield for the next league match due to the injury crisis is welcome news indeed.

Now, bring on the away leg and give us at least one extra, unaccounted for Special European Night.

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