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Mo Salah Plans To Break Some Records

(And is over the Harry Kane thing. Really.)

Mohamed Salah is definitely the man of the season this year, and rightfully so. He’s already three goals away from breaking Sir Roger Hunt’s goal record in a single season, and even on track to potentially break Ian Rush’s record of 47 goals in a single season too. The speedy muppet-like winger is charming the pants off everyone, even amidst the immense pressure he must be feeling with the Golden Boot competition and upcoming Champions League semifinals. He’s going for Rush’s record, though, as his way to help the team.

“It’s also very close, it’s just seven goals,” said Salah recently. “But let’s see! It’s still, I don’t know how many games there is to go, but we have the Premier League and semi-finals of the Champions League to play.

“I will try my best to score again and help the team.

“Scoring 40 goals means a lot. But even in the end I said it... I try to score every game to help the team. To get the points.

“That is the most important thing for us, that we play as a team, we play as 11 players. So each goal for me, or for anyone else is to try to help the team.”

Unlike some strikers, Salah has been adamant that whatever he does is for the team, and also making sure everyone knows every match is 100% a team effort. Sure, there are records to break, but the only way to win a game is to score points as Michael Owen might say, and Mo knows how to do that. Mo is apparently pretty good at scoring goals. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t thinking about some certain competition.

“Of course it is in my mind. Of course I cannot lie – it is in my mind,” Salah added, when asked about the other strikers. “But you know, you can see (on Saturday) with the team everyone tries to pass the ball to me to help me.

“I am also sure that Tottenham’s players try to help Harry Kane, and also Manchester City’s try to help Sergio Aguero. It’s like that, but in the end we play as a team.

“Do I want my team-mates to pass the ball more? Yes, but they pass the ball anyway!

“I am happy to have this feeling, you know. You feel they want to support you and want to help you to score goals. That’s a good feeling.”

Even with a cheeky tweet earlier this week regarding Harry Kane’s claim over a goal in the Tottenham match versus Stoke, Salah is pretty insistent that he’s only thinking about himself.

Sure, buddy.

“I don’t want to say anything about that! I don’t want anything about that,” continued the winger in regards to the striker that sounds like Sharry Cane. “In the end they said it’s his goal so it’s finished for me. Now we still have four (Premier League) games and they have five or six games so I have to think about my games and we see.”

He’s quick to change the subject away from himself, saying something about this season is just different for all goal scorers. Salah even cites his fellow attacker Roberto Firmino as an example, as dear old Bobby has scored more goals for himself than any other season.

“You know you can see with Bobby Firmino, he scores a lot of goals this season,” he said. “It’s also a different season for him.

“I think the way we play it gives us more chances to score. The way we play helps us a lot to be in front of the goal all the time. So that’s the way we play, it helps us a lot.”

It’s no secret that Jurgen Klopp loves a fast paced attacking style of football, and it looks like it’s paying off not only for the club, but for players themselves. Definitely for Mo.

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