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Klopp: All Eyes on Bournemouth

Coming out of a busy two week stretch that included Liverpool cementing a place in the semi-final of the Champions League, Jurgen Klopp insisted that the squad is focused on Saturday’s match against Bournemouth.

Manchester City v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Second Leg Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images,

It is natural, on the eve of something major, to have one’s attention split between the task at hand and the thing you actually are excited to be doing. We do it all the time at our desks as we eye the clock ticking down the minutes to the close of our work week and the start of our weekend. We do it when we stare at a calendar in anticipation of a big concert or a special outing with the one you love. We do it because try as we might, we are thoroughly drawn to the prospect of tomorrow over the mundanity of now.

And so one can almost forgive the squad of being the same. Because, no disrespect to the Cherries, but a late season match-up against Bournemouth with Top 4 all but sewn up and the top spot out sight from the jump is no Champions League, semi-final tie against AS Roma. But thankfully for us, Jurgen Klopp is having none of it. At his pre-match press conference, the gaffer insisted that the Reds would be all business on Saturday as they close in on finishing the season with a chance at moving closer to ending the season with an unbeaten home record.

“I would love it [going the whole season unbeaten at home], but three draws would not make me really happy to be 100 per cent honest.

“I have no problem with records and stuff like that, it’s always good, but it’s really about the next game. So, we need to be ready for that game 100 per cent and not think about any records. It was difficult enough to win or not lose all of these games, if we would have won all of them then I would be much more happy and we would already be in the Champions League, qualified, so a few draws were involved. Let’s start the next run.”

It makes sense: Klopp has always been all about winning each and every game, in each and every campaign. Saturday will be no different. With approximately two weeks before the Reds host Roma at Anfield for the first leg of their semi-final tie, it would appear that heavy rotating would be less of a priority, and only the hope now that our big stars avoid injury.

Here’s to hoping the lads manage to take a few positive results out of the next two weeks to keep their momentum high headed into their tilt against Roma. Come on you Redmen!

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