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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Knows Liverpool Can Stay Angry

With one man in particular, whose name starts with J and ends with Ordan Henderson.

Liverpool v Swansea City - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Liverpool has gotten some criticism in recent years for it’s seemingly unaggressive approach to some teams, and while sure, complacency is something they’ve struggled with, it can’t exactly be taken down to a lack of aggression on their part. Klopp even recently spoke about “staying angry” on the pitch, but following the win against Newcastle this weekend, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain asserted that anger isn’t exactly missing on the pitch. Especially from one particular player.

“Hendo is the best at staying angry, he’s an angry man on the pitch!” Chamberlain said to the Echo. “There’s a few of us – me, Sadio, Mo – who are more smilers. Together we all have to do that but however we do that, we just need to keep doing it.”

There is definitely no shortage of camaraderie on this squad and it appears that there’s genuine joy in the players doing what they do best contributing to Liverpool’s recent form. Oxlade-Chamberlain himself has been in stunning form, providing his second assist to Mo Salah in the space of a week, but the humble Englishman gives all the credit to the winger and the rest of the team.

“He’s on fire and he’s been doing it all season,” he said of Salah. “It’s hard enough doing it for a few games, let alone all year around, but it’s not just Mo. It’s Sadio as well, and Bobby does a lot of amazing work up there that goes a bit unnoticed when Mo is scoring two or three a game.

”The three up there have been brilliant and at the back as well, the boys did really well, kept a high line and set us up for the game.”

Newcastle itself was undoubtedly going to prove a test for Liverpool, as they had yet to win against former manager Rafa Benitez since he’d left Merseyside. That frustration wasn’t lost on Chamberlain, either, but it was his almost trademark persistence and diligence that helped the Reds break through.

The midfielder continued: “It was getting a little bit frustrating in the first half, they didn’t let us have too many chances, but in the end, I’ve found a little bit of space, managed to get in behind, and Mo or one of the three are always lurking for the goals. So it’s an easy finish for Mo

”We’re in a good moment, we spoke before the game about momentum. It’s just a word and you need to create that and work hard and earn the right to play. If we can keep our attitude at 100% we know we have the quality to go and hurt teams.

”We’re in a good moment, but we just need to keep the momentum going.”

With two major games on the horizon, momentum is definitely the one thing that Liverpool need to keep a handle on.

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