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“Regardless of the Game, He Always Gives 100 per Cent…”

Joe Gomez shares what it’s like to have Roberto Firmino in the team and gives some insight into why the number 9 makes such a frustrating opponent

Liverpool v Watford - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Having come face-to-face against Roberto Firmino during many training sessions since the summer of 2015, Joe Gomez has the inside track on what makes our flamboyant number nine a thorn in the side of defenders, and what it’s like to play on the same side as him. Joe shared his experience:

He never has a bad touch; the ball always sticks to him however you ping it at him. It’s nice when you’re playing the pass but when you’re defending against him and he doesn’t give you even half a yard to get there, it makes it hard.

Roberto Firmino has played the most games under Jürgen Klopp, with 125 and scored the most goals with 46. Joe talked about Firmino’s striking ability and his work rate saying:

He is a very good striker all-round. He works so hard for the team as well, everyone knows that and it’s why he’s liked by so many people – because of the effort he puts in. Regardless of the game, he always gives 100 per cent. Even if he didn’t score as many, his contribution to the team brings the rest of our attacking players into positions where they can score. Everyone is happy for him because he’s showing he can do it all, and he’s not losing the other parts of what he does. It’s nice to be on a team with someone with so much quality.

Joe doesn’t believe that there is a way to stop the effervescent and exciting Bobby, or if he does, he isn’t sharing the secret…

The only thing you can do is hope you get a foul. He’s going to make an attempt to get the ball back. It’s annoying because he won’t let it go. It’s nice to be on the same side as him! Bobby keeps going and keeps going throughout the game. He loses it and will track back deep into our half to get it back. It shows his desire to try and win the ball back and defend for the team.

Firmino also reached a personal best of 23 goals in a single season against Watford last weekend. That cheeky back heeled, no look strike is all part and parcel of who Firmino is according to Joe who believes:

It’s the Brazilian flair! I trust him – I don’t think he’ll miss. It’s just what he does, his freedom and creativity is what makes him so good. You’ve got to embrace his creativity.

And after everything we’ve seen from Firmino this season, how can you not embrace him and his unique brand of creativity? He is the only Brazilian we will ever need.

Up the Reds!

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