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Liverpool 2, Tottenham Hotspur 2: First Thoughts

In a game decided by shoddy refereeing, Liverpool come out with a draw at Anfield.

Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Liverpool 2 Salah, 2’ & 90+1’
Tottenham Hotspur 2 Wanyama 80, Kane (Penalty) 90+3’

  • Pre-match Thought: The same fairly uncreative midfield that we played back in October is giving many supporters palpitations, especially considering they were well earlier in the week - against Huddersfield. It’s conservative by Klopp, but also considering there were two changes to the defensive lineup, we could use all the defensive midfielders we can get.
  • THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG! GOAL! A tricky start by the Reds led to some even trickier ball work by Firmino to assist Mohamed Salah to the first goal of the day - two minutes in! Take that, Harry Kane!
  • Not trying to jinx it or anything but if Salah gets a hat trick today, he’ll become the Premier League’s leading goal scorer. Just leaving that nugget here.
  • Reds are showing lots of literal fight today - but whoever the ref is, he’s feeling pretty liberal with the free kicks. It’s still early but we may have to be careful.
  • This game is WILD. Fouls EVERYWHERE.
  • There is simultaneously so much happening in terms of all out battles to keep the other team from the ball, but that amounts to very little in terms of chances. It’s exhausting and thrilling all at the same time.
  • I don’t envy anyone who has to talk about this game afterwards because I don’t even know what to say DURING it.
  • Halftime: The Reds lead and are fighting to keep it that way, but a goal from Spurs in the second half wouldn’t be surprising at all. I’m also counting on van Dijk to get a header at some point because he’s tried like FOUR TIMES and has yet to have it go in. Unless something goes seriously wrong, which it very well could... we could come out of this alive.
  • We’re back! No changes, unsurprisingly. Things look to have settled a bit too, so we’ll see how the rest of the match goes.
  • It has to be said - Karius has been outstanding today. He’s made a good number of important saves and has kept Liverpool from falling apart in a more spectacular fashion.
  • For the first time(?) this season, Klopp makes a substitution before 70 minutes, taking off Sadio Mane for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jordan Henderson for Gini Wijnaldum. I don’t know if I agree with taking off Hendo because he’s been BRILLIANT, but you know. I’m biased, kinda.
  • Even if we win, it’ll be almost disappointing to get out of this at 1-0 — oh my god Matip coming on for MILNER???
  • Welp. Goal. Liverpool were able to keep them for scoring for 78 minutes and Victor Wanyama fires a rocket past five defenders. Now it’s really anyone’s game. Sorry guys, I jinxed it.
  • OH MY GOD. TOTTENHAM ARE GIVEN THE WORST DODGY, SOFT PENALTY AND KARIUS SAVED IT. WHAT A STRESSFUL THREE MINUTES. The starting pass was offside, Harry Kane dove after the ball was gone, everything about the penalty decision was SHIT and yet the refs even had to confer to make sure it was the right call.
  • Holy mother of god, this ref is giving this game away. He just gave Tottenham a second penalty and Harry Kane levels it. Goal to Tottenham.
  • Final: A draw entirely decided by terrible calls. Liverpool absolutely 100%, deserved the win, but TWO horrible penalty calls took it away from them. They should be proud of their fight today, despite everything.

We’ll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today’s game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven’t already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we’ll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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