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A Draw That Feels Victorious: LFC Women Draw With Reading

After five straight losses, including to Everton, this four goal draw feels pretty good.

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Reading FC Women v Liverpool FC Women - WSL
Photo by Alex Burstow/Getty Images

It’s been a long season for the Reds and it’s only December. And while the Women are thankfully spared from the packed December schedule that the men are subject to, after five straight losses, the season finds a whole meaning in draining.

This week, with an extra day to prepare after their match against Everton was cancelled on Wednesday, Liverpool Women traveled to meet with Reading FC and this writer’s former Reds hero Fara Williams.

Reading got things underway but it was Liverpool who took the lead early on, with Courtney Sweetman-Kirk latching onto a cross from Kirsty Linnet and smashing it home nine minutes in. Both teams started the half lively and bright, with Reading taking a couple chances early

on as well that were comfortably saved by Sophie Bradley-Auckland and Anke Preuss.

It was Williams making the most of the chances in the first half for Reading but thankfully Liverpool were able to make their own magic and maintain their lead well into the half. Jess Clarke and Laura Coombs linked up beautifully more than once only for their efforts to go wide or be cleared easily. This was also one of Anke Preuss’ best halves in a Red shirt as she was able to get off her line quickly on many occasions and stop Reading from equalizing in the first half.

With all the play for in the second half, both teams came out for more of a fight. Reading took no prisoners as they continued to push for an equalizer and finally found it after many attempts. Fara Williams finally gets one past Preuss in the 61st minute to make things level for the hosts and it all just goes wild from there.

Reading weren’t level for very long when it’s Sweetman-Kirk again, finding an excellent pass at the back post from Jess Clarke and heading it in to make it 2-1 for the Reds. Of course, that is the most dangerous lead and with all their defensive prowess, Liverpool are doing their best to hang on. It’s Fara Williams again, though, that makes it level for Reading with seven minutes to spare.

A draw is a draw and surely there’s a tinge of disappointment to be felt when victory was so near, but after five straight losses, this draw feels like anything but that.

The postponed Everton match has been moved to December 16th, next Sunday, so if you’re up early before the United match, do try to follow along any way you can!

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