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Watch: Robertson, Salah, and Shaqiri Take Part In The Annual Christmas Surprise

The Third Annual Christmas Surprise video is upon us!! Revel in it!!

Liverpool FC v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

It’s the holidays and while one of the December holidays has ended, the other one is just around the corner. What has now practically become tradition, Liverpool players head to a nearby school to surprise some of the students with their presence. Two years ago it was Jordan Henderson and Adam Lallana showing off their skills and charm, and last year it was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Philippe Coutinho, and Roberto Firmino spreading good cheer. This year the tradition is the same, although the school is different (can’t have any others ruining the fun), and a new set of players are there to spread good cheer and try to convince the more Blue fans that it’s just more fun to be Red.

Andy Robertson, Mohamed Salah, and Xherdan Shaqiri all made the trek to a local primary school to surprise some students and hand out a couple gifts to make sure their upcoming holiday is a fun one. The players hid in the back while the kids were interviewed for LFCTV, only appearing at the right and often most hilarious ways. Watch for the girl that says Andy Robertson is her favorite player, after Salah has been giving the left-back some playful ribbing (and the staffer laughing when she says it!).

I, for one, have watched this video far too many times already. Other notable inclusions are every time Salah asks the kids for Shaqiri’s nickname and how many of them say “Big Shaq” and “Powercube” and of course however weird entrances Shaqiri makes. Him playing on the piano while two kids talk to announce his presence is probably my favorite weird moment of his. There’s also a girl who proudly declares herself an Evertonian and then almost waffles when the players come in.

It’s easy to be full of cheer when you’re part of the Red side of Merseyside right now, and these videos only put that cheer on display. These kinds of moments definitely make it easy and fun to love this team and we should definitely revel in it right now.

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