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Klopp Talk: We Need Anfield

Yippee ki yay!!!!

Burnley FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Liverpool’s last chance to make it into the knockout stages of the Champions League is this week, when it’s Napoli’s turn to visit Anfield. The Reds’ record abroad in this illustrious league hasn’t been all that great this year, but their record at home has been stellar, and Jürgen Klopp is counting on that going into this.

“We were not good in Napoli so the first thing we want to do is show that we are better than how we played there,” Klopp said on Sunday.

”Again, we are going to ask for Anfield and call on the fans to help us - it is a really massive game.

”It would be really cool if the crowd was on it’s feet, it’s a big one and our people know that - I know they will already be warming up. We know how big the atmosphere can be and hopefully we see that.

”We did everything we could to qualify for this tournament again and we know we have a chance to go through with specific results even though this Champions League campaign so far was not really ours.”

Liverpool only need one goal to put them through to the knockout stages, if they’re able to keep Napoli from scoring. If Napoli scores, Liverpool need to win by two clear goals to put them back into the running for the next round. Sounds easy for a team who have been able to stay unbeaten in the League this far, but having lost every other away match in the Champions League this far will give anyone pause.

“We have been quite impressive in the home games of the Champions League so far,” Klopp said.

”Napoli won’t be thinking yippee ki yay it’s only Liverpool - they know it will be a tough one but they are strong so we need to be very strong.

”I believe that what you get is what you deserve. I’m fine with this being a winner takes all tie. If we are good enough then we will get the result we need and if not then we have to congratulate Napoli and PSG.

“This group is exciting - we shouldn’t have lost in Belgrade, with all due respect, but we did and now we have to show we really want to stay in the competition by winning.”

It’s do or die for the Reds - unless the unthinkable happens and Paris draws to Red Star but hey, stranger things have happened. I just want to hear another opportunity for Klopp to say “yippee ki yay.”

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