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Trent Alexander-Arnold Looking for First Merseyside Derby Start

The young fullback is hoping to earn his first start in a Merseyside Derby.

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Watford FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League
I don’t think we truly understand how gifted an athlete Trent is. #hops
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There are some pretty standard lessons that most sporting fans go through when they find their way to a specific team. Things like famous players, numbers of titles, or in the case of Stoke, the number of Orcs (I kid!).

But one of the most obvious things new fans being integrated to a long-time fandom must learn is the rivalries. And for Liverpool, the longest rivalry is that with the team that shares space in the city itself: Everton Football Club.

The close proximity of the two clubs obviously lends itself to being a rivalry that has criss-crossed the history of both clubs. Stars on either side of Stanley Park that have grown up in Liverpool have family members representing both sides. The passion of the rivalry in the city itself is unmatched and makes this fixture among the highlights for both sets of supporters.

For scousers like Trent Alexander-Arnold, this fixture carries with it the weight of all of those expectations and all of the history he grew up in. Trent spoke with the official site on what this fixture means and had some prime words to share.

“For me, it’s definitely still as important as it’s ever been. When the fixtures are released the two games I look for straight away are Everton home and away. Just because they are the best fixtures for us. They mean so much to the fans. It’s so close to home. They’re special and I look forward to them the most. Growing up as a kid, I just remember us being successful in derbies - winning a lot of them and very rarely losing any.”

This go around, the young fullback is hoping to make his first start in the derby. Already with 3 appearances under his belt, getting to start from the jump brings with it an added sense of honor.

“Every Liverpool lad grows up dreaming of playing in a Merseyside derby. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve come off the bench in a few of them but never started. Hopefully I get that opportunity and we can get the win.”

Obviously, it makes a lot of sense. I can’t think of many American rivalries quite like Liverpool versus Everton and certainly not many where both the proximity is so tight (a mere 1.2 miles between Goodison and Anfield) and so enduring, given that both clubs have been in existence since the late 19th Century. That’s a lot of football and generations upon generations of Liverpool residents who have seen their relationships mold and flex around this great sporting rivalry.

Here’s hoping that this next iterations proves to be both a success for Liverpool FC and one for young Trent Alexander-Arnold. He’s living the footballing dream of every young scouser in the stands and at home come match day.

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