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The Merseyside Derby is the Perfect Game to Exact Revenge

Don’t get sad. Get Angry. And put the Blue Shite in their place.

Everton v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

On the topic of Derbies, Jurgen Klopp famously said “it’s the salt in the soup.” Seasons come and go. Hostilities within the league can rise and fall with a team’s fortune—Manchester City wasn’t on anyone’s radar just a decade ago. Hostilities in Europe can go years or decades without being renewed.

Local rivalries? These remain, unchanged, regardless of the respective places on the table. The Merseyside Derby, in a way, is eternal. Two opposing forces. The Reds. The Blues. Splitting the city across fault lines. Brothers and sisters. Husbands and wives. Neighbors. Coworkers.

In a bad season, beating Everton can provide a brief moment of glee. In a great season, beating the Blue Shite can delightfully add to their misery.

Liverpool have done well in recent season to put Everton where they belong: below us. Since Klopp joined the Reds, Liverpool have 4 wins and 2 draws against their local rival. In front of the Anfield faithful, the Reds have had an especially good go of it: unbeaten since September of 1999.

Everton have made a pretty good go of things so far this campaign (at least by their standards). They’re currently in sixth, a point above Manchester United. I, for one, can think of no better time to remind them about how even in good seasons, they’re still behind us.

Of course, after last night’s result, beating The Ev is even more important. We need to show a response, to bounce back, and not let one bad result become multiple.

Our league form has been legitimately great this campaign. European (away) struggles can happen, especially in a difficult group. But this team has shown itself capable of putting in dominant, controlled performances again and again in the league. Time to get back on the winning track, with the added benefit of making the Blues more miserable than they already are.

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