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Klopp Talk: Financial Fair Play Should Be Properly Enforced

Manchester City have squeaked pass the rules as of late

Manchester City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the latest scandal uncovered by German magazine Der Spiegel earlier this week. While not the most shocking news in the world, they present mountains of evidence behind how Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain (two clubs owned by very wealthy Middle Eastern heads of state) spend their riches and skirt UEFA’s rules. The consequences of the two clubs’ wrong doing hasn’t come to fruition, but Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp shared his thoughts on the scandal with the media.

“I heard about the Der Spiegel story but I didn’t read it so far,” Klopp said. “It is really difficult to comment but what I can say in general is that I think FFP is a really good thing. But we always thought that, if it is in place, they have to do something with it. I have no clue what happens. I know it is about Paris obviously and Man City. I’m not sure if other clubs are being talked about as well. That’s all I can say.“I think FFP is a really good thing because it sets the rules and stuff like that. If everything is fine, then everything is fine. If not, then somebody should do something. That’s all I can say but I have no clue about the real story.”

Klopp was also asked if Manchester City and Liverpool are completing on a level playing field, “For me that is not important. We have better circumstances than other clubs. We have much better circumstances than Huddersfield, for example, but they don’t blame us and say we have to find a rule so we have the same situation. It’s not like that. It’s only if there are rules then accept them. That’s all I can say about it.”

Obviously Klopp bit his tongue a little there, not wanting to say something that would get him in trouble. Whether or not City will be punished for their illegal activities has yet to be seen, but as with most scandals like this in football, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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