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Klopp Talk: One Point from City Is Fine

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The Boss weighs in on the goalless draw against Manchester City.

Liverpool FC v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Liverpool remain unbeaten in the Premier League after a goalless draw against Manchester City at Anfield this weekend. Touted as one of the games of the season, it ended with a sigh of relief for Liverpool as they came away with a point despite a late penalty awarded against them. And despite some obvious mistakes from the squad, especially towards the end of the game, Jürgen Klopp seems satisfied with the result.

“It is a very intense, unbelievable challenge to face Manchester City always — I’ve said that before — and as the last game of an intense period, it makes the challenge even bigger, so I am really happy with what the boys did today,” the boss said after the final whistle was blown.

“The start in the game was fantastic and I liked it, but if you want to win against City you have to use a few of these half-chances or whatever it is in these moments. You cannot defend them 100 per cent over 95 minutes, so they will always have their moments, but I thought how we defended was brilliant apart from the penalty and one or two situations where we needed Alisson with a really good save.”

The penalty was given away by van Dijk in a poorly timed tackle against Leroy Sane. Luckily, Sane did the Reds a favour and sent the ball into the stands. A incredible stroke of luck to wrap up an incredibly intense period of fixtures.

And Klopp definitely agrees:

“If somebody would have told me after eight matchdays we would have had 20 points, I would say with pretty much any fixture list I’d have said ‘yes’, but with that fixture list I’d have said ‘I’ll buy it, let’s start on the ninth matchday’.”