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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Not Interested in Ramsey

The Arsenal midfielder is reportedly preparing for a move in January.

Wales v Spain - International Friendly Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Transfer season is never really over, and the big speculation lately has been over Arsenal player Aaron Ramsey. The Welshman will likely be leaving the Emirates on a free transfer in the summer if he fails to sign a new contract, and the rumour mill is grinding into overdrive trying to guess where he’ll end up, with reports saying that other English teams are interested in scooping him up in January.

According to ESPN, sources have indicated that Ramsey wants to stay in the Premier League and could defect to one of Arsenal’s top six rivals, with Liverpool previously topping the list. The thought was that, having missed out on Nabil Fekir, Jürgen Klopp would be in the market for a dynamic midfielder such as Ramsey to fill the void left in his squad.

However, it appears that Klopp has no interest in acquiring Ramsey this winter, having already brought in Fabinho and Shaqiri over the summer instead.

This seems likely, because FSG and the transfer committee have been reluctant to do much business in January, preferring instead to get things done over the summer, usually the earlier the better — a trend which has taken most of the fun out of transfer deadline days for years now.

Exceptions to the rule for FSG in January are cases like Virgil van Dijk last winter, where the club botched the initial negotiations in the summer and so needed more time to get the deal over the line; or Daniel Sturridge in 2013, where the first team was catastrophically deficient in attack due to a failure, the previous August, to convince Fulham to give up Clint Dempsey in exchange for Jordan Henderson + cash (#neverforget).

Or, put another way: the January transfer window seems to be where they fix any major screw ups that happened in the summer.

(I’d suggest that the club stop tapping-up players to avoid this problem in the future, but that error was the Sliding Doors-style decision that led us to this current, joyful timeline, instead of the Darkest Timeline taking place in some other universe where our alternate-selves all wear fake felt goatees, and where Liverpool lost future-Captain Hendo and missed out on Sturridge and Coutinho in favor of two seasons with Clint Dempsey.)

Generally, FSG seem to be of the mind that after shelling out consistently large sums of money between seasons, it’s then the manager’s job to make things work with the players he has.

While the Fekir debacle was a letdown last summer, vetoing that move was a carefully-considered decision that the transfer committee made midway through the window — not a flub that now desperately needs to be addressed.

So unless there’s a midfield injury crisis between now and Christmas, or the club can snag Ramsey for a cut rate price too good to pass up (think £8M for Philippe Coutinho, also in 2013), it seems unlikely that this will happen.

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