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‘Klopp Must Win a Trophy This Season,’ Psychologist Says

Football psychologist Damian Hughes on why Klopp must win now

Liverpool Training and Press Conference Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Football psychologist Damian Hughes, a renowned Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change, says that Liverpool skipper Jurgen Klopp must win a trophy this season.

“I think [Klopp] needs to now back it up in terms of something that justifies the approach that he’s taken,” Hughes said in an interview. ”I think that would give the players an increasing sense of reassurance of what he does works. I can imagine you’ll see him going all out to prioritise winning not just the league but the FA Cup and maybe the Champions League as well if that’s what he can do. It sort of reaffirms what his approach is if he could win something.”

While the desire to win is absolutely there for Klopp, the squad, and fans, eyebrows are certainly raised whenever someone makes a claim like this, especially when an expert in a field is saying it.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with what Hughes is saying here, there’s an implication that the entire Jurgen Klopp project would be a failure if he and the Reds don’t win something this season.

It is hard to argue that any trophy wouldn’t bring a boost to Liverpool fans and players alike. Liverpool have not won a trophy since 2012, and have gone winless in 3 finals under Klopp. Should that change this season, I suspect fans will be happy.

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