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It’s Official: Coutinho Paraded Around Camp Nou Following Transfer

Can we stop talking about it now?

Liverpool v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Surely by now you’ve heard about the record breaking deal Liverpool just agreed to, sending our Little Magician to Spain for good. I know, it probably stirs up all kinds of emotions, from anger to sadness to acceptance, and the last thing you probably want to see is him getting ready to celebrate freaking #CoutinhoDay at Camp Nou.

Clearly the Liverpool Echo and FC Barcelona didn’t care about your emotions because they both posted it all over, just in case you were able to hide out under the covers with your alcohol of choice. Good ole’ Phil himself took to Barcelona’s Instagram to send a message of his excitement.

While his official unveiling isn’t until Monday, January 8th, Barcelona wasted no time in parading their latest prize and making it well known that they definitely shelled out at least £105M up front to get him there in the middle of the season. The transfer was first confirmed Saturday, and Coutinho himself made quick work of saying “see ya suckers” to Liverpool and immediately hopped a plane to Spain - reportedly with best buddy Luis Suarez waiting to pick him up.

#CoutinhoDay is set to include the official signing of his contract, an official presentation, a photo session, and press conference with their latest addition. The photo shoot is even open to the public with free tickets available! How nice of them!

So, now that Coutinho has gotten exactly what he wanted and didn’t care how it affected anyone else (including the team that made him worthy of such a price tag), we can finally say goodbye to our magic Brazilian.

Have fun buying into a title and not playing in the Champions League.

(Don’t forget, you can also return your 17-18 Coutinho shirt to the club for £50 voucher, or donate older shirts to KitAid!)

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