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Klopp Cagey Ahead of Deadline Day

Despite relative silence in the past few weeks, Klopp gave fans reason for hope. Or, he’s totally messing with us.

Huddersfield Town v Liverpool - Premier League
P-p-p-p-poker face. K-klopp’s poker face.
Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

When Phil the Snake Coutinho finalized his dream move to Barcelona 3+ weeks ago, the rumor mill lit up with names for Klopp, et. al. to spend that mountain of cash on: Alisson, Lemar, Goretzka. There was even the slim glimmer of hope that the extra cash might be used to entice ED Leipzig into releasing Naby Keita early.

Over the past week, however, those rumors have all largely dried up. And absent the departure of Daniel Sturridge on loan and rumors of Lazar Markovic (finally!) potentially finding a permanent home elsewhere, it seemed as though LFC fans would once again have to test their patience and faith in the Klopp-FSG axis.

But, perhaps feeling the joy of turning the page on two bad results with a thumping and convincing victory over Huddersfield, Klopp gave fans the smallest, tiniest potential hook on which to hang future disappointments upon:

And just like that, our hearts are off to the races! Reports say Monaco are determined to hold on to Lemar? Let’s see them try to resist Klopp’s charm. Alisson won’t want to leave mid-season? Let’s see him try to resist Achertberg’s charm. We’ve never even been linked to Fekir? Let’s see me try to resist this completely made up rumor’s charm! Delusion, it turns out, is both exhilarating and extraordinarily easy.

So, before the madness of the day itself - and the likely disappointment of it all - let’s take a small swig from the wellspring of hope. Then, turning to face the anxiety-ridden, emotional rollercoaster yet to come, breathe in deeply and hold on to your butts.

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