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Adam Lallana Unlikely To Play Next Two Matches

After suffering what Klopp called a “little muscle tear” during training, the midfielder is expected to be out a little longer.

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2018 EPL Premier League Football Swansea City v Liverpool Jan 22nd Photo by Paul Jenkins/Action Plus via Getty Images

It was revealed earlier in the week that “almost like a new signing” Adam Lallana had been injured once again just after coming back from a thigh injury that had kept him out most of the season.

The Englishman (thankfully?) missed the 3-2 loss to West Brom over the weekend because of the injury and Sunday manager Jürgen Klopp revealed that Lallana would most likely miss the next two matches - the Reds’ visit to Huddersfield on Tuesday and meeting the high flying Tottenham Hotspurs at Anfield over the weekend.

“It’s not a big one. It’s how it is when you have a long injury, and Adam had a long injury. A few things come. It needs time to adapt again to the intensity of a Premier League game. We tried to be careful with that but obviously so far it didn’t work really well,” Klopp said earlier in the week, before the West Brom match.

When asked about his response to the back-to-back losses Liverpool had suffered, Klopp went on to mention Lallana again, adding: “He’s not ready for Huddersfield.

“Medical department told me no chance for West Brom, no chance for Huddersfield and a chance for Tottenham.

“After Tottenham for sure, but before Tottenham I don’t know exactly.”

A muscle tear doesn’t sound too great however you slice it, and with Liverpool looking increasingly unlikely to make a signing this week to replace the Brazilian who left us, the expectation was that Lallana could shoulder that burden going forward. At least until the summer. Lallana’s own fitness though has been brought into question, considering he’s only started three matches this season - the rest he’s missed due to injury. Whether or not he’s up to the task of adding some magic to the squad is a question that’ll have to be answered in two week’s time. At least.

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