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UEFA Levels New Charges Against Spartak Moscow After Liverpool Match

After UEFA’s slap on the wrist after Maribor, Spartak fans doubled down on their illicit behavior.

Spartak Moskva v Liverpool FC - UEFA Champions League Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Prior to the showdown with Liverpool, Spartak Moscow faced charges from UEFA after their traveling supporters fired a flare at the referee during their opening game away to Maribor. UEFA—predictably—came down with all the force of a feather, fining the Russian champs €60,000 and banning their fans from traveling to the next away match in Sevilla.

Shockingly, that punishment was apparently not enough to stop their supporters from continuing their shitty behavior when they hosted Liverpool on Tuesday night. UEFA alleges that Spartak fans were displaying illicit banners, singing illicit chants, setting off fireworks, and blocking stairways.

These charges will not be brought up in front of UEFA’s control, ethics, and disciplinary board until October 19th, two days after hosting Sevilla. Way to really act quickly and have the situation fully under control, UEFA. Following this match, Spartak Moscow will only have one remaining home match, November 21st vs. Maribor. This takes away the option of the relatively severe punishment of closing Spartak’s stadium for the two remaining home games.

Whatever UEFA decide, hopefully it will be strong enough to help deter this sort of behavior. Although that is clearly too much to ask on at least two counts.

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