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Netflix & Amazon Want To Make Behind-The-Scenes Docs on Premier League Clubs (Including Liverpool)

Yes, just like Being: Liverpool

Liverpool FC Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

It was maybe only a matter of time before internet streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon saw the huge amount of revenue being generated by the Premier League and thought they oughta get themselves some of that.

That time might be pretty soon! At least according to the Daily Mail, who says Netflix and Amazon are courting Premier League clubs for the rights to produce behind-the-scenes feature documentaries.

Liverpool are reportedly among the clubs that have been approached, along with Chelsea and Manchester City. Any production deal would likely focus on pre-season training, as filming during the season would prove problematic due to the current broadcast rights deals.

The Mail also reports that the Premier League would be willing to entertain live broadcast rights bidding from Netflix or Amazon during the next round of negotiations. Which... I’m trying to wrap my head around how Premier League games live on Netflix would even work (and not bump subscriptions up to $50/month.)

Manchester United have reportedly refused to entertain offers from any foreign streaming or production company, saying they would prefer to produce that content in-house. (lol ok guys)

Of course, Liverpool have already done this dance in 2012 with the release of Being: Liverpool, made during Brendan Rodgers’ first year at Anfield. Reception among fans was... mixed? Some fans liked it, some fans thought it was cringey. Mark Lawrenson hated it. It is what it is.

So what do you think? Would behind-the-scenes features on Liverpool be enough to get you to keep your Netflix subscription going? Let us know in comments!

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