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Sean Dyche Has Opinions On What Liverpool Did Wrong, Would Like To Share Them With You

Because who doesn’t love a little concern-trolling, eh?

Liverpool v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Burnley manager Sean Dyche is feeling pretty good abut himself. His side has 8 points from their first 15, which is pretty good for... well, for a team like Burnley. Their latest coup came on Saturday when The Clarets sauntered into Anfield and left with a point against Liverpool.

Feeling his oats a bit in the post-match press scrum, Dyche talked about his side’s gameplan and how he exploited some key weaknesses in Liverpool’s sqaud.

“Our gameplan wasn't to come here and keep the ball all afternoon -- it isn't going to happen. You know they're going to have some efforts but if you keep them as far out as we kept them, as in distance from the goal, you know the stats say it's much harder to score from 30 yards than it is from six. I thought we done that well today. Our shape was good, our defensive unit was excellent, other than their goal - we got caught square on a long ball, the irony of that, hey? I thought they (his defense) were absolutely excellent.”

Dyche also took the opportunity to take a swipe at Liverpool’s transfer budget, and how expensive the players who couldn’t get a win over his humble Burnley squad were.

“They made seven changes today for players who they brought in for absolute fortunes. They're bring on players that [cost] £30 million a time, so our job is finding a way of getting a point, getting a win. That's my job. I think we've done that very, very well today. Everyone in these parts tells you that they're having a tough time with set-pieces. We felt that would be important.”

Finally, he went out of his way to point out a weakness in Liverpool’s setup that he was only too happy to exploit: right back Trent Alexander-Arnold.

“As it happens, we had two cleared off the line from set-pieces, so our game-planning was right to take that seriously. [We tried to] make it uncomfortable for them because you're not going to out-football them. We thought that might be a weak link aerially on the right back.”

Awesome, thanks for that feedback Sean. Really good and useful. Please go away now.

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