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Steven Gerrard Helps Launch Liverpool Football College

The Liverpool legend praises the re-branded college and the opportunities it provides young people.

Arsenal v Chelsea - The Emirates FA Cup Final Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The re-branded Liverpool Football College was launched along with the help of Reds’ legend and current Under 18s coach, Steven Gerrard.

The college’s purpose is to give young boys and girls, ages 16-19, an opportunity to learn more about the game and gain knowledge about the sports science and coaching aspects as well. The idea is to help cultivate the next generation of Liverpool players, while also giving these students other options within the game, besides just playing.

About the school, Gerrard says, “This gives magnificent opportunities to better your life education wise and stay involved in the game,” Gerrard said.

“You only have to look at the success stories to know that this is a winning formula. I was lucky because I went through the process and made it to play for Liverpool and England but that doesn't happen for every kid.

“A lot of kids give up when they get a knock back and fall out of love with the game. They don't want to go into education and sort of give up.

“This gives kids the chance to keep playing and further their education. Not everyone can be a footballer or a coach, it's a difficult profession to get to the top in.

“If you can get the best education you can while setting out on your other goals that can only help you if you need to fall back on it.

“You've got to be obsessed, you've got to make huge sacrifices and you've got to listen to the right people. You have to stay away from the gang and be focused. You need to have tunnel vision in terms of what your goals are.”

Liverpool Football College will be run by co-founders David Rowe and David MacDiarmid.

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