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Win the Group Stage, Snag Van Dijk?

Thought you escaped the transfer madness? Think again…although the source of this rumour should be taken with all of the salt

Burnley v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

We at TLO present to you the first official post-summer transfer window preview of the winter transfer window. Up first is the sorely missed connection that is the ongoing Virgil Van Dijk saga. You see, Virgil Van Dijk—or “VVD” as he’s known to his closest pundits and dear Scouse fanboys—is quite good at football. VVD currently plays football for Southampton FC. However, VVD wants to play football for Liverpool FC. Liverpool FC also wants this, as does Jürgen Klopp, in addition to every single person in the half of Liverpool that matters. Even the people who pay the bills at Southampton and who enjoy making money would also appear to want VVD to play football at Liverpool FC.

Alas, it seemed destined to be the star-crossed transfer that never was—except yet, just yet, it still might ultimately be—at least according to someone named Ian McGarry, who knows stuff about things.

Monsieur McGarry appears to be of the opinion that a successful navigation of the Champions League group stages will invariably and without question prompt a Liverpool winter return for the wantaway star. Speaking on the Transfer Window podcast (great name; direct and straight to the point), the journalist made the astute observation that with Southampton not playing internationally this term, despite their proud European history, Van Dijk will therefore not be cup tied from moving to Merseyside a few short months from now:

"I still think that Van Dijk, of the three rebels [Alexis Sanchez and Philippe Coutinho], has the best chance of leaving in January,” the intrepid reporter said, “Because he won't be cup tied for European competition.

"So, should Liverpool make it out of the Champions League group stage and into the knockout phase I think we could very well see, and I would expect to see, another bid for Van Dijk in January.

"That, of course, would then give them a little bit more augmentation to their squad, and of course their defence for the run in."

So there you have it folks. One of the most likeable and trustworthy son-of-a-guns on the web has made his prediction. Take that one to the bank (sobs).

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