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Klopp Says He’s “Fine” With Liverpool’s Center Backs

The manager doesn’t want to buy someone “just because.” Is this the anger or acceptance stage of grief?

Audi Cup 2017 Press Conference Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images For AUDI

In what could be called a stunning turnaround, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp recently spoke of the club’s transfer targets. With the window rapidly closing and Liverpool’s lack of business clearly a strain on everyone, one near for sure signing was going to be Virgil Van Dijk. Despite the hiccups in the beginning, he’s always been a clear target for Liverpool. Until today?

"We have four (centre-backs). I don’t think we need more," Klopp said recently. It was always thought that despite Liverpool publicly pulling interest in the defender after Southampton threatened legal action a deal would get done behind the scenes. After all, Van Dijk has made it clear multiple times that he wants to move and he wants to move to Liverpool at that. Klopp, though, seems happy with our current situation.

"Joe is in a really good way but it was not his day (against Athletic Bilbao). He made his life difficult with a few passes but things like this happen,” the manager continued.

"In the moment I’m fine. We are open until the 31st (of August). We cannot force the things and we would never get a centre-back just because. We have the need, we have some but you don’t take any. It doesn’t work.

"Look out there and tell me five that would make us stronger, five. Then you win a prize! It’s difficult how it is.”

As always, it’s easy for us supporters to wring our hands and decide what’s best for the club. We’ve seen the history of Christmas implosions and struggles to regain points lost and know lessons should have been learned. Will those issues be fixed by another center back? Klopp doesn’t seem to think so, and he’s the guy in charge. Is that his problem or ours?

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