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Klopp: “August Is Too Late To Play Like This”

Pretty sure we’ve all screamed this at them at one point.

Liverpool v Athletic Club - Pre Season Friendly Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Preseason is over. We’re less than a week away from the start of the Premier League. Sure, the transfer window is being frustrating and we’ve already been hit by the injury curse so things feel a little bleak. Football is supposed to be an escape from how terrible the world is right now! What happened to the excitement for the new season? Oh right. We could all use a bit of levity right now. Something to laugh at, to relate to.

Thank god for Jürgen Klopp.

Yesterday, Liverpool played their last match of the preseason against Athletic Bilbao in Dublin at the Aviva Stadium. While the game ultimately ended in Liverpool’s favor, with the Reds scoring 3 to wash the defeat to Atletico Madrid out of their mouths, it wasn’t consistently that way.

“First half an hour, I’d say [we played] brilliant football and then we lost organisation and gave them two opportunities and changed the game a little bit. Then we had to run and I was not happy with these 15 minutes,” Klopp said following the match, and luckily for us, a microphone near the pitch was able to pick up just how unhappy he was at one point.

This might be the most relatable moment we’ve had with the manager, considering everyone one of us has probably shouted something similarly while watching Liverpool play. He’s known to be animated and passionate with his players and during matches, so this really shouldn’t come as any surprise. If anything, it’s a further assertion that he’s our manager and is on the same page as supporters when it comes to Liverpool not playing the way we know they can.

He’s entirely right in saying “August is too late to play like this” because it means that all their preseason training sessions and friendly matches were for nothing if there is no improvement to show for it. With the season now less than a week away, it’s too late to be using a friendly match against Athletic Bilbao as a chance to screw up and get away with it. It’s do or die time, lads. Klopp just gets it.

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