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Your Official “Liverpool Players Swimming In A Lake” Appreciation Post

Also: Jürgen Klopp really, really likes his coffee

This video has been up for over a week and somehow I never got around to posting it here. I sincerely apologize. I feel like I let you all down.

Better late than never, eh?

So last week, during preparations for the Audi Cup, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp took his players to Lake Tegernsee in the Bavarian Alps. Players rode bikes, lounged, and enjoyed each other’s company.

They also went swimming. It was adorable.

Some highlights:

  • Alberto Moreno gingerly easing into the water while captain Jordan Henderson just dives right in.
  • Ragnar Klavan thinks he’s an otter. I will honor and respect his life choices.
  • Klopp either had trouble getting the last bits of coffee out of his cup or else he was really, really enjoying that coffee. Either way, gymnastics were called for.
  • Who wears socks while swimming?! Honestly now.
  • There’s some potentially fascinating material here for a psychologist doing research w/r/t which players took off their shirts and which ones didn’t.
  • Hendo and Adam Lallana splashing water at... something. Maybe a cryptid???
  • Simon Mignolet rocking some black spanx instead of swim trunks. Shine on, you crazy diamond. (Though I’m judging you for wearing socks. WHAT IS IT WITH THE SOCKS.)

In the end, a fun time was had by all. Especially me.

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