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Watch: Salah’s first training session with Liverpool

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File under: weirdly satisfying

Earlier today Liverpool published video from a first team training session earlier this week— featuring Mohamed Salah in his first workout as a Red.

I’ll be honest— this is one of those things where you’re really into it or you’re really not. Some of you get excited by this stuff; seeing our boys suit up in the new training kit, trundle in from the parking lot, horse around a bit, listening intently to Jürgen Klopp, and jogging around the pitch at Melwood. (I definitely fall into this category. It’s like ASMR for me.) But for others it’s... well, it’s like watching paint dry. And that’s totally fair!

But the big story here is that it’s Salah’s first training session. Mostly you just see him jogging with teammates. Nothing special. But dang it, he’s wearing Liverpool Red while running. It’s really happening!

Liverpool get their first chance to put all that jogging to good use on Wednesday when they face Tranmere Rovers in a lesser Merseyside Derby, the first of eight scheduled preseason friendlies.