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Watch: Liverpool Summer Camp, Germany Edition

The best part of the pre-season continues in Germany

Premier League Asia Trophy Press Conference Photo by Marcio Rodrigo Machado/Getty Images for Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC are currently in the Germany, training, playing pre-season matches, and generally relearning how to be a family. Having successfully won the Premier League (Asia Trophy), the Reds now move to conquer the land of Klopp. And in the middle of the action, they stopped to take in an idyllic bike ride and indulge in a post-training dip in the lake at Tegernsee.

Liverpool Echo, doing Fowler’s work, have put together the perfect compilation for a Friday morning. Enjoy the bemused but happy faces of players who love Klopp too much to protest cycling everywhere, and some mildly creepy pictures of their afternoon dip.

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