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Jordan Henderson Proves His Kindness With Hong Kong Reds Fan

Henderson goes out of his way to make a Hong Kong fan’s year.

Liverpool FC v Leicester City FC: Premier League Asia Trophy Photo by Stanley Chou/Getty Images

It’s no secret that around here there’s an affinity for our captain, Jordan Henderson. This writer could go on and on about his good qualities, but it really comes down to the fact that he seems like a really great person to everyone around him. He takes time and effort to do his job well, no matter what that job may be for the moment. We all know the story of Henderson offering to take over media duties during the 13/14 season after that disastrous red card, so that the other players on the squad could focus on finishing the season well. The story of one Hong Kong fan should come as no surprise.

The squad have spent the past week in Hong Kong for preseason, and participating in the Premier League Asia competition (which they won yesterday). Alongside training sessions, the usual preseason gamut of events were included for the players, which of course included captain Jordan Henderson. As any fan would, Hong Kong based supporter Nicklaus Chu endeavored to use these opportunities to meet the skipper.

Chu posted on Instagram detailing his struggles with trying to meet Henderson during the trip - staying at their hotel all hours, visiting training sessions, etc - only to have his efforts rejected. Wrong place, wrong time, as often times he would be waiting somewhere else only to have his friends run into Henderson first. The man even has a life sized cardboard cut out of Hendo and couldn’t catch a break.

Luckily, the tides of the universe turned in his favor, with Henderson himself responding personally to Chu on Instagram. The skipper made plans to personally meet Chu, offering a signed shirt to go along with the experience.

The Story of a Great Captain and Great Player I am a Liverpool fan from Hong Kong, and a super @jhenderson fan. I love his passion, his hardwork, and he is the one who inspire me to never give up. In the first three days of #lfctour2017hk, everyday i have been waiting to see our great captain. I missed every possible chance to meet him face to face. When he was signing in hotel, i was in the airport, when he was taking selfie with fans in training ground, i was waiting in hotel, when someone saw him buying coffee in starbucks, i was waiting in the training ground, one by one my friends sent me photo of selfie and autograph with Hendo, and im the only one missing every chance. The 4th day, i know that there will be an event of Jordan at around 1pm, I arrived at 12pm and started waiting, the event posepone and 6 hour i stood under ☀️ and ☔️, he finally show up and i saw him walk right pass me. I told myself "no problem, when he come out, i will be here and he must see me"...And once again he walk right pass me...At that moment frustrating was the only word in my head, maybe I was not meant to meet him. Minutes later Jordan sent me a message from IG, told me he is sorry and ask me to meet him at the hotel. He is the Captain of Liverpool, one of the greatest football club in the world, and he said sorry to a fan for what happened that was not his fault! While waiting at the hotel, once again i heard my friend told me he show up in starbucks again, signing autographs for fans, when i arrive with the giant cardboard of him, he saw me and signal me to go back to the hotel. Outside the hotel, the security try to ask me to leave (like they always do), i move myself to a further spot, suddenly someone tap my shoulder again and at that moment the only thing i wanna do is to curse the security if he want to tell me to leave again, and when I look back, Jordan was right there behind the hotel door...... A simple and warm act of our Captain, become a big dream come true for me, he can totally ignore me, but he didn't. That is our great Liverpool Captain. He is not only our player, he is our family❤ #ynwa #lfc #jordanhenderson #badenglish

A post shared by Nicklaus Chu (@nicklaus.hendo.c) on

Henderson displayed the type of kindness and generosity we’ve all grown to love from the captain. The same qualities that helped him become captain in the first place, to a fan that simply had a gift for him (how cool is that shirt with his name in Cantonese?). What could’ve easily been turned into a moment of good press - especially after that #BusGate video - was kept as a private moment with a super fan.

“A simple and warm act of our Captain, become a big dream come true for me, he can totally ignore me, but he didn't. That is our great Liverpool Captain. He is not only our player, he is our family,” said Chu in his Instagram post, summing it all up quite well. Henderson did it out of his own kindness, further cementing his position as a dedicated captain and role model for modern Liverpool fans.

Class act, our Hendo.

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