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Klopp on Liverpool’s Future: I Know What We Can Get

But will it be what the supporters want?

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Sydney FC v Liverpool FC Photo by Matt King/Getty Images

The offseason is always somewhat less relaxing than it perhaps should be for Liverpool supporters, as they invariably fret and obsess over how the club seeks to improve the squad over the summer. Last year, a lot of the groundwork for summer plans was established very early - think of Loris Karius and Joël Matip, for example - so inevitably anything less than immediate gratification seems like a delay in comparison.

The anxiety is perhaps amplified by the fact that more seems at stake this summer. Liverpool have earned the right to play in the Champions League qualifiers, which is something to be happy about, for sure, but also a development that will exacerbate the need for both additional quality in the starting XI as well as additional depth. As has often been the case, manager Jürgen Klopp has projected an aura of calm amid the nervousness.

“I'm really optimistic for our future,” said Klopp to the official website. “Not because I'm crazy but only because I know what we have, I know what we will get, I know what we can get, and I know that we really have a super bunch of people - knowledge, character - not just the players, all around.”

“What we will get,” is first and foremost on supporters’ minds on the moment, and they will be hoping there’s a grain of truth to Klopp’s words. There were some early signs that names previously linked with Liverpool would be heading elsewhere, so Klopp either knows that certain other discussions are farther along than have been reported (probably the case), or he has both unbounded optimism and an inscrutable poker face (also probably the case).

As of this moment, all eyes are on the purported Mohamed Salah transfer, with everyone straining to read the social media tea leaves, as well as on the Virgil Van Dijk saga, which continues to alternate wildly between “Liverpool are in a good position” to “He’s already at the Etihad/Stamford Bridge/Old Trafford/Yankee Stadium.” Klopp’s optimism has rarely been completely unfounded this season. Let’s hope that continues to be true in the offseason,

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