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WATCH: A Behind-The-Scenes Journey With Mohamed Salah The Day He Signed With Liverpool

See how it all went down

I don’t know about you but I eat this stuff up.

This video (link here for those of you reading this on AMP or Apple News) follows Mohamed Salah around the day he signed for Liverpool Football Club. We see a minivan whisk him from his hotel to an EKG lab, then to a medical imaging facility to have an MRI, and then on to Melwood to sign the paperwork and get his first publicity photos taken.

(Somewhere in there he filmed this cheeky video announcing his transfer.)

After that whirlwind of activity, Salah headed to his new hotel, the Titanic in Stanley Dock, to get some rest. Afterward, he was taken on a tour of Anfield, where he received a brief primer on the history of the club and got to touch the “This Is Anfield” sign over the tunnel.

He even got to surprise attendees on a guided tour of the stadium, giving some very lucky fans a first look at their new star forward.

It was, as a contemporary warrior-poet would say, A Bit Of A Day.

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