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Jeremy Corbyn Compares Labour Comeback to Istanbul

Corbyn also believes Liverpool will finish top four next season but has no insights on the transfer window.

Jeremy Corbyn Campaigns On Hackney Marshes Photo by John Stillwell - WPA Pool /Getty Images

With the General Election getting closer and closer (the 8th of June is 6 days away! It’s even closer if you’re reading this on June 3rd!), the mood of the electorate seems to be shifting quite a bit with Labour on 39 points to the Tories’ 42 in a recently released YouGov poll.

Given that the Tories held a 24-point lead on Labour when snap elections were announced, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had no trouble comparing the comeback to Liverpool’s efforts in Istanbul.

“We are coming up towards the 84th minute,” the Labour leader told Copa90. “We’ve got six minutes to go. We are not ahead, we are not even totally level, but we’ve got this massive bank of supporters behind us.

“We have the opposing team ahead of us, their supporters behind them and our supporters behind us. We’ve got the spirit from them, we’ve got the determination from them. 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, there is no extra time in elections.

“Ten o’clock on 8 June, polls close. Result, next day: watch out for it.”

If the whole politics thing doesn’t work out, Corbyn could probably do a decent job as a commentator.

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