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Klopp Talk: “Everything Is Still in Our Hands”

The Boss has a conversation about the end of the season.

Watford v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

We’re two games away from the end of the season, and everything (relative to the Reds) is still nerve-wrackingly undecided. Liverpool and Arsenal’s differing fates against Southampton days away from each other hasn’t helped at all. Arsenal’s win on Wednesday have them currently sitting at fifth place, four points from Liverpool and with a game in hand.

It may feel like the next two weeks will be full of unavoidable panic, but Jürgen Klopp is quick to reassure.

“This is a little bit our situation,” Klopp said about the upcoming games against West Ham and Middlesbrough. “We think we have to win all the time because the rest win. The rest do not win all the time, but we always feel under pressure.”

“Yes, we were a bit stiff in the Southampton game. We were not as fluid as we could be, but we had our moments. We could have played the game better, but it could have been worse.”

The game against Southampton was a dismal affair and ended in a point apiece for each team. Klopp didn’t hesitate to show his disappointment following the game, but has refocused his attention on the team doing everything in their power to secure that top four spot.

“A week ago we thought we had to win all three,” Klopp added. “Now we think a draw and a win could be enough. It all depends. That is the situation so let’s play football and feel the opportunity together.”

“All the other teams have to play tough games too and no-one wins all of them. Now we have to win ours and then everything will be fine.

“Everything is still in our hands. Let’s go for it.”

Liverpool face West Ham on Sunday, May 14th.

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